Just Passing Through


Just Passing Through
Ian Cooper • Ian Date • Tommy Emmanuel

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1 Tiger Rag (Nick LaRocca / Eddie Edwards / Henry Ragas / Tony Sbarbaro / Larry Shields – 1917)
2 Smile (Charlie Chaplin / John Turner / Geoffrey Parsons – 1936)
3 Honeysuckle Rose (Fats Waller / y Andy Razaf – 1929)
4 Georgia on my Mind (Hoagy Carmichael a& Stuart Gorrell – 1930)
5 Oh, Lady Be Good! (George and Ira Gershwin – 1924)
6 Blues for Tex (Tommy Emmanuel / Ian Cooper – 1997)
7 Caravan (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan Tizol – 1936)
8 Nuages (Django Reinhardt – 1940)
9 After you’ve Gone (Henry Creamer / Turner Layton – 1918)

Powered by a lineup of world renowned players whose collective credits include Olivia Newton-John, Air Supply, Dragon, Barry White, Silverchair, and many, many more, Just Passing Through is a toe-tapping collection of songs from Ian Date (guitar), Ian Cooper (violin), and Tommy Emmanuel (guitar).

The artists, who came together for the sheer fun of making music and a mutual love of performing, got together much like its title states: when Emmanuel and fellow Australian-born guitarist Date happened to be passing through Cooper’s hometown of Sydney in November of 2013. “My two favorite guitar players in the same place at the same time? This was too good,” says Cooper.

The group’s debut album—due out on Tuesday, June 23rd —features nine tracks that mash up Gypsy jazz, folk, and blues, coupled with each player’s virtuoso musicianship. While the album is instrumental, the interplay between the musicians is a riveting conversation all its own. “It’s always exciting, making music with Ian Cooper and Ian Date,” says Emmanuel. “They’re both in it for the love of it and always play from the heart.”

Date remembers the day Cooper called to ask him to come to the studio to record some tracks with Emmanuel. “He suggested some titles, and I did some preparation and chose keys for the material that I knew would sound good on the guitars,” recalls Date. “We didn’t want to waste time in the studio fussing over the changes as we didn’t have a lot of time in there! As it turned out we only did a couple of things from Ian Cooper’s list and the rest just happened spontaneously.”

That improvisational nature comes through on Just Passing Through, which was actually recorded in two parts. Tracks 1-5 were live in Sydney in 2013, while tracks 6-9 were recorded as duets between Cooper and Emmanuel in 1997 when Emmanuel was on his way to the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1997. Tommy recalled those sessions, stating, “Some of the duets where it’s just me and Mr. Cooper were one take jams that turned out to be good enough to put on this record.”

When asked how he chose materials for this record, Cooper states, “Apart from the toe-tapping swingers that I wanted to get burning hot on with Tommy, I also wanted to showcase Tommy’s sensitive, melodic side on a soulful ballad.” He continued, “Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Smile’ was the obvious choice, and when I heard the playback of what we’d recorded, I said that it would sound even better with strings. So, when I got home, I wrote an orchestral string arrangement and recorded all 22 string parts over the top.”

Reflecting on playing with Cooper and Emmanuel, Date added, “It was an honor and a privilege to be playing music in such esteemed company. Just as well I was just passing through at the right time or I would have missed out.”

The album is the first project being released on Emmanuel’s new label, CGP SOUNDS. When asked about the new venture, he stated, “I started this label because I wanted to be able to share my music in the way that I want, as well as to discover and nurture new talent from around the world. CGP Sounds will be all about quality and integrity.”

That’s Just Passing Through.